Scratching the Itch


RE:RUN is a fast paced platformer where the jank part of the fun.

You run fast and platform faster. They attack erraticly, but precisely. you can be dead in seconds, but respawn a second later. This is non-stop action with careful thinking required to land the jumps and hits to get to the end of each level.

RE:RUN is made by Dani with a great soundtrack by Neo Nomen, both of them with large YouTube followings. Dani is making a name for himself with physics based shooters and platformers. This one, made as a part of the 4th Brackeys Jam, is proof that he’s one to watch.

The level design is unique in that it often spreads in a few directions. Each time you collect a power-up, you are sent back to the start of the level, often with a new path now open to you, it either being accessible only by double-jump or with a wooden plank blocking the path that needs a sword to break.

The platforming and combat are both janky as hell, but that’s a core part of the fun. Landing a jump is fiddly from how fast you’re going, you have Overgrowth (currently on sale) levels of airtime on floaty jumps to reach awkward, seemingly impossible distances. That feeling of airtime though is brilliant, especially when it’s coupled with landing a perfect swing to knock a ragdoll enemy off the side of a platform.

Without perfect polish, this game goes straight for the pure joy of jumping and fighting. Each of the 10 levels offer a new challenge that isn’t just a simple step on from the last. The puzzle-like interation with where to go in the environment and how to deal with the enemies, mixed with the chaos of combat makes the experience a tonne of fun each time.

Dani has an upcoming game on steam, KARLSON, which looks to be going further with the same sort of ideas here. RE:RUN, in the meantime, is simple, fun, and easy to lose yourself in for a bit over half an hour.

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